I'm trying to create a custom theme for beamer. However, when I tried to patch the navigation circles to be automatically included without subsections (using the solution of Beamer navigation circles without subsections?) the title page appears in the navigation circles.

I tried to remove all parts, but I can't find why it keeps adding the title page to the navigation bar. I tried my best to reduce the source to a MWE, and this code (below) produces the wrong circle. If you need more information I can provide the full or needed files.

enter image description here





\ifnum\insertframenumber>0\relax%remove it for the title page
\begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=\the\paperwidth,ht=0.6cm]{section in head/foot}
    \useasboundingbox[fill=white](0,0) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,0.6);
    \fill[secondColor] (0,0) rectangle(0.3,0.6);
    \fill[firstColor] (0.35,0) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,0.6);
    \node[anchor= west, white] at (0.3,0.3){\insertnavigation{0.85\paperwidth}};%

\vskip-1pt%skip after the begginning of the slide
  \useasboundingbox[fill=white](0,0) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,0.6);
  \fill[secondColor] (0,0) rectangle(0.3,1);
  \fill[firstColor] (0.35,0) rectangle(\the\paperwidth,0.6);
  \node[anchor=west, white,font=\large] at (0.4,0.25){\insertframetitle};

% fix the title page navigation bar
  \addtocounter{framenumber}{-1}%ensure that title page has 0 number

% Patches beamer so that "subsections numbered 0" show their slide entries.
% Solution from: https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/2072/beamer-navigation-circles-without-subsections
\patchcmd{\slideentry}{\ifnum#2>0}{\ifnum2>0}{}{\@error{unable to patch}}% replace the subsection number test with a test that always returns true





\section{section name}


In your case, the title slide sits outside of any sections, so you could change the \slideentry conditions to require that the section number be strictly positive. i.e. change the \patchcmd{\slideentry} line to the following:

\patchcmd{\slideentry}{\ifnum#2>0}{\ifnum#1>0}{}{\@error{unable to patch}}% require section number to be strictly positive

Would that be good enough?

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