I am having trouble formatting my bibliography to the ASA style. I would like to use the bibliography style asa.bst. I saved this .bst file within the same folder as my .tex file but do not see changes to my references. I also included this .bst file within the program files folder where other preloaded .bst files are located. My references remain in the "plain" style even with \bibliographystyle{asa}. Further more, when I attempt to change the bib style to "unsrt", a more common style, I still don't see changes to my references.

The code below produces a file with references not in the wanted asa style. (years should be in parentheses directly after author)

\usepackage[top=1in, bottom=1in, left=1in, right=1in]{geometry}
Blah, Blah, Blah, Science! \cite{BaGa} 



The file named bib is as follows:

title={Interactive spatial data analysis},
author={Bailey, T.C. and Gatrell, A.C.},
publisher={Longman Scientific and Technical}

The file asa.bst can be found:


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    Did you run BibTeX and LaTeX again (twice) after changing the style?
    – Joseph Wright
    Mar 13, 2014 at 21:08
  • Try compiling with latexmk. It should take care of all the things.
    – wilx
    Apr 26, 2016 at 13:40
  • I had the same problem, It was ok after finding and fixing an error in my .bib file.
    – Myles
    Apr 17, 2021 at 0:13

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Remove auxiliary files from the folder containing .tex file and .bib file. I found that deleting all the files that are created from using LaTex and BibTex fixed the problem. Leave only necessary files with in folder before running LaTex and BibTex.

Package natbib Error: Bibliography not compatible with author-year citations


I had the same problem, I could not change the bibliography style on my file.tex output. What I did to solve it:

  • Choose the bibliographystyle you want
  • Remove the file.bbl (which is generated by file.bib) from your main folder
  • Open and compile the file.bib (it creates a new file.bbl)
  • Go back to your file.tex and compile

It should work if your problem is the same I had, good luck

:), Prog


In TexStudio, it might help to just hit F8 to remove intermediate .bbl files, and then recompile.

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