I'd like to have an table over many pages with the same headline. I use the tabularx package, and the ltablex is required according to link. However if I use ltablex I get sticky errors ! LaTeX Error: There's no line here to end. Any idea how to solve it? A minimal example follows.

\usepackage{tabularx} % for tables http://www.lapomori.com/

\caption{Example of an table}
\textbf{Column 1} & \textbf{Column 2} \\[6pt]
$R$ & 1This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 2As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 3Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 4This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 5As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 6Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 7This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 8As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 9Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 10This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 11As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 12Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 13This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 14As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 15Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 16This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 17As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 18Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 19This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 20As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 21Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 22This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 23As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 24Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 25This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 26As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 27Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 28This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 29As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 30Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 31This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 32As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 33Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 34This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
$R$ & 35As well as the line before \\[6pt]
$A$ & 36Also this is an example \\[6pt]
$R$ & 37This is an example sentence \\[6pt]
\end{tabularx} \\   


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The no line here to end message is an indication of misuse of \\ which should almost never be used outside of an alignment.

Remove this one:

\end{tabularx}% \\   
  • Thank you! it works, but it is not "printed" on two pages. Even if I activate (uncomment) %\usepackage{ltablex} and %\endhead respectively.
    – alex
    Mar 15, 2014 at 22:23
  • It won't break over a page if you use a table environment. Mar 15, 2014 at 22:24
  • Thank you, I used the table environment because it was given in an example. Im very new in LaTeX and don't know exactly why if the table environment is removed, it doesn't work. Is it possible to help me out?
    – alex
    Mar 15, 2014 at 22:52

I think that "\ [6pt]" works only inside of \begin{align}-\end{align} and \begin{eqnarray}-\end{eqnarray}. There shouldn't use "$ $".

  • 1
    Welcome to TeX.SX. \\[6pt] can also be used inside tabular and friends. However something like \renewcommand*{\arraystretch}{1.5} might be the better approach here. May 23, 2015 at 17:58

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