I'm having the following block layout on one frame

 Zwei Arten von Typen
 \begin{block}{Wertetypen mit \texttt{rt::ValueType}}
   \setbeamertemplate{blocks}[rounded] % disable shadow
   \textit{Simple} oder \textit{Array}
    \begin{block}{Bei \textit{Simple}}
     Der genaue Typ
    \begin{block}{Bei \textit{Array}}
     Anzahl an Elementen
   \setbeamertemplate{blocks}[default] % enable again

But it creates an ugly vertical space before the column environment. If I comment out the 4 column-environment specific commands, the vertical space is gone, which makes me think it's the column-environment's fault.

Is there a way to remove that vertical initial space?

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If you're after a local adjustment (i.e., only a few slides), can't you just add a \vskip-5em (or whatever space you want to remove) just after your \begin{frame}?

enter image description here

Otherwise, you can simply use \begin{frame}[t] (where t means top) to have your frame top-aligned. It can also be passed as a class option to align every frame.

enter image description here

  • I'm trying to put a two-column thing between two bullet points, so changing alignment won't help. I'll use the workaround, but this seems like a bug (at least, I'm seeing a lot of vertical space before the columns environment—about twice as much as appears after it, which doesn't seem like it'd be intentional). Dec 13, 2015 at 12:15

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