I would like to set a motto after the chapter title. While the title is set left-aligned the motto should be set left-aligned too, but the longest line of the motto should be aligned to the right outer border of the page:

The Title is Great
That is the subtitle if there is one

The Authors name

                         There was a young man of Quebec
                         Who was frozen in snow to his neck.
                         When asked: ‘Are you friz?’
                         He replied: ‘Yes, I is,
                         But we don’t call this cold in Quebec. 

1. Maybe the section title
And last but not least the text of the essay and what else I do
not know...

This is a working example, but what I need to know is, how to set the whole 'block' with the poetry to the right border (that the longest verse hits it)?


\rightskip \@tocrmarg\relax
    \needspace{2\baselineskip}%   Vgl. http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/134016


  \if\relax\detokenize{#1}\relax #2%
  \else #1\fi. #3]{#2\\[2ex]\Large\Large#3}
  \if\relax\detokenize{#1}\relax  #2%
  \else  #1\fi }{}%  

\authortoc{The Author}
\chapter[]{The Title of the Chapter}
\settowidth{\versewidth}{I will pour out my spirit on all people} 
In the last days, God says, \\
I will pour out my spirit on all people. \\
Your sons and daughters will prophesy, \\
\ldots \\
And everyone who calls \ldots ’’\,’

\section*{The section Title}


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