how do I ensure that the vertical lines show in the gray cells of my table?

        \caption{Interaction between \emph{Import Industry} and \emph{Neutral Sentiment}.}
        & DV=\emph{Bad Self Impact} &  DV=\emph{Bad US Impact} &  DV=\emph{Tariff Support}\\ \hline
    \emph{Import Industry} &  0.119  & 0.002  & 0.250  \\
     & (0.342)   & (0.985) & (0.011)\\  \hline
    \emph{Neutral Sentiment} & 0.045 & -0.008 & -0.064 \\
     & (0.688) &  (0.942) & (0.481)\\ \hline
     \cellcolor[gray]{0.8}\emph{Import Industry*} & \cellcolor[gray]{0.8}0.470 & \cellcolor[gray]{0.8}0.500 & 0.267\\
     \cellcolor[gray]{0.8}\emph{Neutral Sentiment} & \cellcolor[gray]{0.8}{0.024} & \cellcolor[gray]{0.8}{0.014} & 0.130\\ \hline

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  • Welcome to TeX.sx! Please add a minimal working example (MWE) that illustrates your problem. It will be much easier for us to reproduce your situation and find out what the issue is when we see compilable code, starting with \documentclass{...} and ending with \end{document}. In a simple article all the vertical lines are showed in this table. It should be a problem of your viewer. Try to zoom or print the PDF. – Fran Mar 19 '14 at 19:12
  • You're right - once I printed the PDF it worked fine. Thank you! – Shayda Mar 19 '14 at 20:05

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