Using TexMaker I am compiling with PDFLaTex the following and I get the error: ! LaTeX Error: Cannot determine size of graphic in Figures/chl.png (no Bounding Box).


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    Drop the draft class option; drop the dvipdf option for graphicx; (maybe also drop the [H] option to figure;) and compile using pdflatex.
    – Werner
    Mar 19 '14 at 19:01

A couple of things:

  1. Drop the draft class option. Keeping it will otherwise display images as black rectangles;

  2. Drop the dvipdf option for graphicx. The package will find the appropriate driver. This might be the cause of your problem;

  3. Not really an issue here, but you don't need the figure environment in order to include an image. I assume the option [H] is defined by your class (AGUTeX).

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