I want to use Dominican/Butterbrotpapier/blackletter fonts as shown in Simulate printing imperfections and defects with TeX?, however, there is no latex file so as to replicate similar results.

I will appreciate any help or guidance that you can provide.

What I could claim is that I tried to ask the similar question to the creator of the post, nonetheless, I have not been successful.

P.S. Laptop is running a 32bits Ubuntu 12.04 OS


As others have said, Xe/LuaTeX will offer you the most flexible solution. However, at least blackletter fonts have support in (pdf)TeX. The CTAN font catalogue features a selection.

For example, the following are included in TeX Live with support for (pdf)TeX:

blackletter fonts in TeX Live


\newcommand*{\myalpha}{\noindent ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ\\abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz\\The quick brown fox jumps over the sleazy dog.}
\section*{Early Gothic}
{\egothfamily \myalpha}
\section*{Gothic Textura Prescius}
{\pgothfamily \myalpha}
{\gothfamily \myalpha}
{\frakfamily \myalpha}
{\swabfamily \myalpha}

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