I have created a .bst file using makebst. It is based on the APA style. I have compared the .bst file to other bst files, and trying unsuccessfully to put the authors in the bibliography in capitals.

I have uploaded the files, .bst and .dbj (17KB) to: BST and DBJ


Fancy hacking

I think the simpler solution is just to hack you bst file. So, for example look in the apalike2.bst file for

FUNCTION {format.authors}
{ author empty$
    { "" }
    { author format.names }

and add smallcaps before format.names so that it looks like

{ author smallcaps format.names }

Here I added the smallcaps function near FUNCTION {emphasize}, and it is defined as

FUNCTION {smallcaps}
{ duplicate$ empty$
    { pop$ "" }
    { "{\sc " swap$ * "}" * }

The result is shown below:

enter image description here

It works with apa.bst too, as shown below:

enter image description here

Using makebst

Otherwise, you can use makebst, and generate your own format, e.g.

$ latex makebst

will ask you a series of questions about the format of your bibliography, including typeface about authors:

(*) Normal font for author names 
(s) Small caps authors (\sc)
(i) Italic authors (\it or \em)
(b) Bold authors (\bf)
(u) User defined author font (\bibnamefont)

  You have selected: Small caps authors

When the above steps are completed, you can just run latex on the filename you gave, and you'll have your bst file. Below is the result. (I accepted all default choices, so you may have to tweak it to fit the APA style.)

enter image description here

  • Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, the coding instructions didn't work, so I had to run the makebst again. Makebst worked when I selected smallcaps. I also followed the log file (dbj) of cds.bst which is almost similar to what I need. (LINK
    – F Mitchell
    Apr 28 '11 at 12:55
  • 1
    @F Mitchell Good to hear you finally solved your problem.
    – chl
    Apr 28 '11 at 13:06

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