I have an author who has a cryllic spelling and a romanized spelling. Thus, I'd like him to be listed in the bibliography as:

Alexander Pushkin (Алекса́ндр Пу́шкин).

However, hacking around with the bibtex author field I haven't found a native way to do it yet. Is there one?


You could double brace the author field:

author = {{Alexander Pushkin (Алексáндр Пýшкин)}}

By doing so, however, BibTeX cannot split the name in firstname and lastname.

  • And I guess citations of the form [Pus98] won't work either.. :\ – user46365 Apr 27 '11 at 11:51

You will need to create your own BST, that will understand a nativeauthor field (or maybe you can think of a different name).

Advantage: you can make the formatting be just as you like it.

Disadvantage 1: standard bibliography styles will ignore the nativeauthor field and behave as though it were absent.

Disadvantage 2: you will need to learn the somewhat arcane style definition language used by bibtex (it's a stack language, so if you are familiar with writing postscript by hand, then you won't find it too hard...)

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