I use \footfullcite{} to include the complete reference in footnotes on the same page. I now have the problem that I want to cite multiple references. Either I would like them to be separated by a semicolon in the footnote so that

Check.\footfullcite{Book1, Book2}

would give the following output


[1] A. Author, Alpha, 2001; B. Buthor, Bravo, 2002.

or, ideally, I want it to look like this


[1] A. Author, Alpha, 2001.

[2] B. Buthor, Bravo, 2002.

Is this possible by using \footfullcite?

\usepackage[backend=biber, style=chem-angew, safeinputenc]{biblatex}


author = {Author, A.},
year = {2001},
title = {Alpha},
author = {Buthor, B.},
year = {2002},
title = {Bravo},




Check.\footfullcite{Book1, Book2}


By adding


to your preamble, a semicolons is placed between multiple items. Found this here.


For me, the above solution by @hnina didn't work. So as an instant solution, I did it in the following way-


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