I'm having the following problem in TeXstudio 2.7.0. I have a template where I've declared some custom commands, such as

\newcommand{\myAnswer}[1]{ \begin{itemize}[leftmargin=*]  \item[\textbf{Lösung: }]~#1 \end{itemize}}

Now, when I type \myAnwser, Texstudio doesn't produce the {} for the parameter, altough it does for LaTeX commands, such as \textit{}.

I don't know what is wrong, because it used to work on my old PC (on which I had TeXstudio 2.6.6 installed). Does that problem have to do with the version of TeXstudio I'm using (2.7.0)?


This is a bug in version 2.7.0.

Will be fixed in the next release. If you are on windows, you may try the latest development snapshot, but beware it's not a stable release.

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