I'm very new to LaTeX and I need to create a conference-style poster for a module i'm currently doing. I've been looking around trying to find out how I should best apporaoch this but I can't really find anything concise. I was wondering if anyone would be able to gudie me in how I can approach making an a0 poster in LaTeX?

I've read that I could use the a0poster document class but then i've also seen alot about beamerposter, this doesn't need to be a massively complex poster but I would like it to look nice and professional as it's going to count for 20% of my grade. I'm using MiKTeX and Texmaker. Any help or advice would be great, thanks!


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Here you can find a good poster template: http://www.brian-amberg.de/uni/poster/ (scroll down a bit to see some examples).


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