I'm looking for a TeXway to substitute - (or other characters) while in text-mode with their math equivalent (i.e. $-$) in one environment/group. I'm looking for a 'switch' (\foo # and not \foo{#}).

The code below does essentially what I want, but only works in math-mode.

  \mathcode\expandafter`\string-"8000 }

I've been unable to come up with a solution. The closest I've come is the following command that takes one argument (which I don't want) and it does not work with $-$ (but $+$ works).

 }\gdef\fooaux#1{\endgroup #1}

A usecase would be:

- is now set in math.
  • It appears that I am unable to spell equivalent.
    – Jörg
    Mar 28, 2014 at 10:35

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You should use a non active - in the replacement text:


This is a - sign and not a hyphen.

Now - is a hyphen.


enter image description here

In a LaTeX context you probably want to use \ensuremath{-} instead of $-$.

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