I finish a proof sketch on beamer slides with a formula, e.g.,

P\leq n^{-\alpha} 

How can I get a qed symbol at the end of this line?

Using \qed as well as \hfill\ensuremath{\square} puts the symbol right at the end of the formula. I can't use \qedheresince I am not in a proof environment. What other options are there?

Edit: barbara beeton's answer pointed my in the right direction. For future reference, here is a solution:

   \rlap{\hbox to#1{\hfil\llap{\ensuremath{#2}}}}}

P \leq n^{-\alpha} \xqed{5cm}

some tactics for putting the qed symbol at the end of a line that's not in a proof environment are described in a tex document linked from a question in the ams author faq. (the question will be rather far down the linked page, with a red box around it.)

the suggestions made in that document haven't been tried in beamer slides, but i can't think of any reason they shouldn't work there.

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