I would like to write


where "_" is an character and not a "math instruction". But Latex recognise it like a math instruction and ask for the missing $$...How can I do?


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Instead of \texttt{set_x}, you could just as easily use verbatim, for example you could do \verb¬set_x¬. The verbatim environment and commands typeset exactly what is typed, and ignores any LaTeX commands.

The issue with using \texttt{set\_x} or \texttt{set\textunderscore x} is that the underscore will be a different font to the rest of the text.

Hope this helps!

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    A better encoding (e.g. T1) helps to get a better underscore. OT1 is lacking the glyph, thus it is replaced by a rule. Apr 14, 2014 at 14:55

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