I use LibreOffice 4.1.3.x, and have had success using a patched version of Writer2LaTex with documents created in LibreOffice Writer.

I want to create a (sub?)filter for Writer2LaTeX that allows me to designate fields in my ODT document that correspond to the header fields in Ryan Aycock's mla-paper style. Otherwise, the header I create will be superseded by the default mla-paper header.

I want to be able to tag a MLA header like the one below1--one I create in LibreOffice Writer--so that it easily ports into mla-paper's presets for the header.

Phillip H. Vollman                                                                 Vollman 1
Prof. Erika T. Lin
ENGH 426 001
30 March 2014
                                 1 Henry IV Response Paper

The intended header in the exported .tex file based on the mla-paper style is as follows:

\begin{mla}{Phillip H.}{Vollman}{Prof. Erika T. Lin}{ENGH 426 001}{30 March 2014}{1 Henry IV
Response Paper}

How would I go about doing this?

1: Shakespeare in Performance's a great class...

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