The following example, taken from Adding more than one author with different affiliation and saved as example.tex, compiles well with pdflatex example.tex.


\title{More than one Author with different Affiliations}
\author[1]{Author A\thanks{[email protected]}}
\author[1]{Author B\thanks{[email protected]}}
\author[1]{Author C\thanks{[email protected]}}
\author[2]{Author D\thanks{[email protected]}}
\author[2]{Author E\thanks{[email protected]}}
\affil[1]{Department of Computer Science, \LaTeX\ University}
\affil[2]{Department of Mechanical Engineering, \LaTeX\ University}

\renewcommand\Authands{ and }


But with mk4ht oolatex example.tex I get three times the error message "! Illegal parameter number in definition of \@author." and not the desired output file.

  • I think the reason for this is that mk4ht doesn't understand the authblk package. After all mk4ht doesn't support most packages.
    – honi
    May 12, 2016 at 3:20

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authblk redefines standard LaTeX commands, such as \maketitle and \author. As these commands are redefined by tex4ht as well, it is not surprise that they clash each other. The fix is easy in this case. Save the following code as authblk.4ht:



This fixes \maketitle definition provided by authblk and your can be compiled without errors.

enter image description here

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