Do the packages ftnright and balance work together?

I'm looking for a solution to generate a twocolumn text in LaTeX. My footnotes should appear at the bottom of the right column. However, my main problem is the last page: Both columns should be balanced and the footnotes should be placed right under the text. As a result the last line of the left column should be next to the last footnote.

I tried to archive this with the following code. Unfortunately, if the last page is less than half filled, the last footnotes will appear on another empty page.

Does anyone has an idea how to fix this?

My code that generates this pdf-file.



\blindtext \footnote {First Footnote}

\blindtext \blindtext \footnote {Another Footnote}

\blindtext \footnote {Third Text}

\blindtext  \blindtext

\blindtext \blindtext \footnote {Problematic Footnote appears on page 3}
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The simple answer is that neither balance nor multicol will work together with ftnright out of the box as all packages assume the standard LaTeX output routine in place so that they can modify it.

In theory such things could coexist but in case of balancing it is not quite clear what the expected behavior should be (especially in case of multicol this is a bit problematical as you could have several balanced blocks or different numbers of columns (which is why the standard approach for multicol is to make footnote page-wide).

Making the balancepackage ftnright aware is probably easier, but still would be a large rewrite of the package.

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