Vim Latex-Suite has shortcuts for typing \left( and \right) just by typing ((. What is the shortcut for typing \( and \)?

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    I too was wondering this. For the old inline math style, typing $$ will put the cursor back between the dollar signs (in insert mode). That style of inline is clearly less desirable however... – Hemmer Apr 8 '14 at 15:32

There is not one, but you can create it.

You can put these lines in your ~/.vim/ftplugin/tex.vim. (I put mine in ~/.vim/bundle/vim-latex/ftplugin/tex_latexSuite.vim instead, because I used neobundle to install the plugin).

:call IMAP('FD', '\[ <++> \]<++>', 'tex') 
:call IMAP('DF', '\( <++> \)<++>', 'tex')

So now each time I type in Insert Mode FD I get a display mode and DF an inline mode. Then I enter my expression and I type the typical shortcut Ctrl+J to continue typing my text.

For more info you can take a look in the documentation.

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