Recently, Sharelatex added the possibility of using \makeindex. However, I would like to add a nomenclature, preferably in the same style as in this topic How to achieve nomenclature entries like: symbol, Description, Dimension and unit, etc?. However, if I add the code of the answer in that topic, the nomenclature is not printed. It seems that the nomencl package does not work in Sharelatex, but that would be strange since Sharelatex now supports \makeindex. Should this not work in Sharelatex, is there then a workaround to use such a nomenclature in Sharelatex without using the nomencl package?

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    makeindex has to run in a special way for the nomencl package. We've just added in support for this at ShareLaTeX today, so it should now work. Drop me an email at james@sharelatex.com if not. – jpallen Apr 4 '14 at 15:16
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