I have following piece of code:

\item[Computing:] C/C++, Python and Matlab
\item[CAD Tools:] GNU Radio, Xilinx ISE, Active HDL, MikroC, Keil uVision, Altium Designer, Cadence VIRTUOSO
\item[Languages:] AAA
\begin{table}[h] %\centering
& German  & native \\
& French  & near native \\
& Dutch & near native\\
& Italian & fair \\

The problem is that table with the languages is placed in the way that top and bottom of the table is equally distanted from the line of the item title. i want top left corner of the table to be in the place where would be the first letter of the normaln item text.


  • What is the CV environment? This code is not compilable as is. On another hand, I don't think you should let your table float, and so you should suppress your table environment. – Bernard Apr 2 '14 at 21:18

Remove the \begin{table}[h] %\centering and \end{table} as you do not want a float and use

AAA \begin{tabular}[t]{p{2cm}>{\bfseries}p{2.5cm}p{3cm}}

Then the first row of the table will share a baseline with AAA

  • The same works for the tabular* environment, but then the optional argument has to go in the second position as in \begin{tabular*}{6cm}[t]{p{2cm}>{\bfseries}p{2.5cm}p{3cm}}. I thought this might be useful to know for some people. – cgogolin Sep 27 '17 at 12:39

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