I have just read a news about ink saving, and apparently changing font would lead to a non-negligible ink saving when printing:


Given that I found it as an extremely interesting discovery, is there any method to make Garamond (which is the less ink consuming font) the default font for LaTeX? How to do that? I use both TexLive for both Win7 and Mac. My front-end editors are TexWorks and TexSHop, respectively.


First of all, there is no single or unique ‘Garamond’ font as such, but for the historical fonts cut by Claude Garamont (1499-1561). However, there is a whole bunch of Garamond-looking fonts, some based on the work of Jean Jannon (1580-1658).

That said, the mathdesign package allows for typing both maths and text with URW Garamond N°8: just add to your preamble:

\usepackage[garamond]{mathdesign} or \usepackage{ugm}

It can be complemented with the garamondx package, which adds true smallcaps, oldstyle figures and the f-ligatures to the ugm set of fonts.

The newtxmath package has a garamondx option to use the math italics part of the garamondx package.

Another beautiful font available for (pdf)LaTeX, XeLaTeX, LuaLaTeX is ebgaramond, redesigned from a historical specimen that shows a Garamont roman font and a Jannon italic font at different sizes. It exists in Opentype and Type 1 formats, but it has no bold version for the moment (hence a cheaper printing!). It has been complemented a few days ago by an ebgaramond-maths package that works with newtxmath.

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