The MWE example below does everything I want it to do, except the line


does nothing. I want the $\delta$ to the left of the dashed line.

Here is the MWE:




        [mnode=dot,dotscale=.00001] \\
        [mnode=dot,dotscale=.00001] & [mnode=dot,dotscale=.00001] & [mnode=dot,dotscale=.00001] \\
        [mnode=r] && [mnode=r]



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    I get this output when I compile your MWE as-is. The \delta is to the left of the dashed line. Perhaps you have some outdated packages? In order to see the package versions you're running with, see Which package version am I using? Then include the contents of \listfiles to your post. Alternatively, just update your TeX distribution completely, try again and report back. – Werner Apr 4 '14 at 6:04
  • I updated the pst-node package, but it still doesn't work. – Jonathan Apr 7 '14 at 0:39
  • Please provide us with your list of file versions by following the link I provided above. – Werner Apr 7 '14 at 4:49

it also works with the shortcuts:


         ~       \\
         ~& ~ &  \\
         ~&  ~& 


^: above, _: below, <: left, and >: right

enter image description here

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  • I've tried that, but the delta still doesn't appear for me. – Jonathan Apr 7 '14 at 0:18
  • What TeX-distribution do you have? – user2478 Apr 7 '14 at 5:46

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