Usually, I use many macros in my documents to save time. I am searching for clever "ideas, methods, tools" which can replace macros by its definition. For example, if we have a the following document

$\bN$ and $\bZ$ are closed under the operation of addition  

I want the content to be converted to

   $\mathbb{N}$ and $\mathbb{Z}$ are closed under the operation of addition  

Remark: I know that I can do this using find/replace in the editor. Here, I am asking about other possibilities.

Best regards

  • What you're asking for is in fact impossible in the general case; expansion is a decently complicated topic with regard to TeX. There is certainly a question on this site that addresses this idea fully, but I'm on mobile and unable to find it. (I know for a fact that I've asked one about this myself; I believe it was a duplicate even then.) – Sean Allred Apr 5 '14 at 3:58
  • 1
    Possible duplicates: tex.stackexchange.com/q/3174/7674 and tex.stackexchange.com/q/67709/7674 – Robert Apr 5 '14 at 3:58

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