1. In an equation, I need sub- and superscript in a different font, other equation part as a different font. I am using the MiKTeX version 2.9. How to get this style in the output?

  2. The superscript position is changing while the equation part containing sub- and superscript characters. I.e.:

    $$A+B_{\alpha+\beta}\rightarrow C+D_{\alpha+\beta}^{\prime}$$

in the first and second part subscript in different positions

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  • You should not use $$ $$ for an equation. Use $ $ for inline math and \[ \] for display math. – LaRiFaRi Apr 8 '14 at 6:24
  • \[A+B^{\phantom{\prime}}_{\alpha+\beta}\rightarrow C+D^\prime_{\alpha+\beta}\] – LaRiFaRi Apr 8 '14 at 6:30
  1. It's not clear what you want

  2. Subscripts are set a bit higher if there's no superscript; just provide a dummy one:

    A+B_{\alpha+\beta}^{} \rightarrow C+D_{\alpha+\beta}^{\prime}

    enter image description here

    Note that you can type D_{\alpha+\beta}' as ^{\prime} can be shortened into '; also ^{\prime\prime} can be '' and so on.

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