I am writing my thesis using ociamthesis class and bibliography style ormsv080. I have a large number of citations and when I am compiling the master file which looks as following, I am not getting any citations. For all the citations, I am getting following error:

Citation `Gerchak1994' on page 3 undefined

If I run one of the chapters as a stand alone file, it works. The .bib file is in the same folder as the master file and chapter files.

Please suggest a solution to the problem.

Here is the master file:

%\documentclass[12pt]{ociamthesis}   % default square logo 
\documentclass[12pt,squarelogo]{ociamthesis} % use old belt crest logo
%\documentclass[12pt,shieldcrest]{ociamthesis} % use older shield crest logo

%load any additional packages

\bibpunct[, ]{(}{)}{,}{a}{}{,}%
 \def\newblock{\ }%

\usepackage{verbatim}   % useful for program listings
\usepackage{color}      % use if color is used in text
\usepackage{subfigure}  % use for side-by-side figures
\usepackage{hyperref}   % use for hypertext links, including those to external documents and URLs





%input macros (i.e. write your own macros file called mymacros.tex 
%and uncomment the next line)

\title{}     %your thesis title,
         %note \\[1ex] is a line break in the title

\author{}             %your name
\college{}  %your college

%\renewcommand{\submittedtext}{change the default text here if needed}
\degree{}     %the degree
\degreedate{}         %the degree date

%end the preamble and start the document

%this baselineskip gives sufficient line spacing for an examiner to easily
%markup the thesis with comments
\baselineskip=18pt plus1pt

%set the number of sectioning levels that get number and appear in the contents

\maketitle                  % create a title page from the preamble info
\include{dedication}        % include a dedication.tex file
\include{acknowlegements}   % include an acknowledgements.tex file
%\include{abstract}          % include the abstract

\begin{romanpages}          % start roman page numbering
\tableofcontents            % generate and include a table of contents
\listoffigures              % generate and include a list of figures
\end{romanpages}            % end roman page numbering

%now include the files of latex for each of the chapters etc


%now enable appendix numbering format and include any appendices

%next line adds the Bibliography to the contents page
%uncomment next line to change bibliography name to references

\bibliographystyle{ormsv080}  %use the plain bibliography style
\bibliography{REF_SHELFSPACE}        %use a bibtex bibliography file refs.bib


Do you run bibtex and latex multiple times? I would recommend the following:

set name=Abschlussarbeit
set latex_cmd=-synctex=-1 -max-print-line=120 -interaction=nonstopmode %name%.tex

pdflatex %latex_cmd%
bibtex %name%
makeindex %name%.idx -t %name%.ilg -o %name%.ind
makeindex -s %name%.ist -t %name%.alg -o %name%.acr %name%.acn
makeindex -s %name%.ist -t %name%.glg -o %name%.gls %name%.glo
makeindex -s %name%.ist -t %name%.slg -o %name%.syi %name%.syg
pdflatex %latex_cmd%
  • 1
    Do you really need to run makeindex four times? Does this really solve the problem? – user31729 Oct 5 '14 at 12:36
  • 2
    There's no sign in the question that \printindex is used, nor glossaries; thus running makeindex is not needed. – egreg Oct 5 '14 at 13:18
  • This is not necessary for this problem. But if you use glossaries package. – lony Oct 5 '14 at 13:18
  • Only running bibtex seems necessary; you should make clear that this is Windows specific and that the code is the contents of a .bat file. – egreg Oct 5 '14 at 13:19

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