Are there any projects or information on how to use TeX to typeset texts for screen reading? That is, I want to get the beautiful output of TeX to render in a browser-like desktop application. I want the output to be as near real-time as possible. Basically, I want a browser for TeX files that reads the files like a traditional browser reads HTML files and then renders them. The screen size should be able to dynamically resize, unlike with pre-rendered PDFs or other traditional output formats. Each resize would trigger a screen update with the new parameters (potentially overriding the file's settings).

This is more of a programming question and I'm interested in libraries that may achieve my goal rather than simple solutions such as workarounds.


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You may be interested in Kaveh's Notre Dame presentation. Here is the abstract.

An important advantage of ebook readers is their ability to modify text size and page orientation, for the most comfortable reading con guration. The ebook reader has to reformat the text on the fly and with minimum delay. Current ebook readers (e.g. Stanza on the iPhone) can do this reformatting, but cannot deal with complicated text such as mathematics. We have been experimenting with using TeX as the formatting engine. Of course it can handle complex mathematics, but it also creates the best line breaks of any ebook reader, e.g. Stanza. We will report our experiments with using TeX as an ebook reader on the iPhone.

  • This answers the question with a good example of what I want to do. Unfortunately there is no source code and not too many details about the implementation. At least it shows that it can be done. Sep 1, 2014 at 1:32

Your description sounds like the WriteLaTeX project to me.

If so, you should have a look on ShareLaTeX. This is basically an open source clone of WriteLaTeX. You can also find it on git.

  • I've tried ShareLaTeX and while it does provide rapid feedback through recompilation, it's not meant to be a eBook reader. What I want is more akin to the Kindle software, but open source (and if it doesn't exist maybe building it myself). Aug 30, 2014 at 11:41

I like to refer to the title of you question "Embed TeX as a typesetting system". I did not find any open source ebook reader where i could try to implement TeX. But i did transfer a special formated pdf, created by TeX to my kindle ebook reader (kindle paperwhite, 300ppi). It looks wonderful. I hope someone will persuade the amazon kindle guys to implement a special tex-ebook format for their product. This would be a true unique selling point!

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