I am currently modifying the layout of my thesis' bibliography and I still have to change three things.

This is part of my preamble which includes the biblatex package. I already managed to render the volume bold, getting rid of ("pp.") as well as the "In:" (three lines underneath the package).

\usepackage[sorting=none, url=false, doi=false, style=numeric-comp, backend=bibtex8]{biblatex}  

Now I would like to swap the order of entries within each single bibliography entry. Right now it is: "author title journal volume pages year". I would like to swap year with pages: "author title journal volume year pages".

How can I do that? Is there an easy hack like those below?

Also I would like to put brackets round the year entry @phdthesis where they are missing right now.

The last change in style concerns the author's names. Right now they are "E T Jaynes F W Cummings". I'd like to change that into "E. T. Jaynes, and F. W. Cummings".

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    Would you mind preparing a proper MWE? Also, I think "author title journal volume year pages" is the normal order for @articles. The author names do not look right to me, what does the .bib file look like? – moewe Apr 11 '14 at 16:41
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    Just a comment: With biblatex it is advisable to use the built-in wrappers for TeX macros, so use \mkbibbold{#1} instead of \textbf{#1}. The \space command in that line also does nothing, so you can drop it. Also \bibliography{file} has been deprecated in favour of \addbibresource{file.bib} (the former of course still works). To make full use of all of biblatex's features Biber is the preferred back-end, so you might wanto to consider moving from BibTeX8 to Biber. – moewe Apr 11 '14 at 17:03
  • Which style do you use exactly? Normally, in numeric style (whether - comp or not), the pages field comes at the end. – Bernard Apr 11 '14 at 18:11
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    As for the authors' names, the dotsafter the first names are set with the terseinits=false option, but this should be the default. – Bernard Apr 11 '14 at 18:31

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