How to correctly display and to separate among the BibLaTeX's author's names?


    label     = {SELLS},
    author    = {Cristopher TAVARES, Kirk FERTITTA, Brent RECTOR, Chris SELLS},
    title     = {ATL Internals},
    subtitle  = {Working with ATL 8},
    edition   = {2},
    publisher = {Addison-Wesley Professional},
    date      = {2006-07-15},
    pages     = {888}


enter image description here

In this case I'm trying to display this as Cristopher TAVARES, Kirk FERTITTA, Brent RECTOR and Chris SELLS before ATL Internals....

How do I to deal with this, please?

Thanks a lot!

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    Two things about your author field. (1) Names should be separated by the and keyword (author = {Jane Smith and John Doe}). (2) You should not capitalise the last names; if you want the last names to appear capitalised in the document, use \newcommand*{\mkbibnamelast}[1]{\textsc{#1}} or - if you insist - \newcommand*{\mkbibnamelast}[1]{\MakeUppercase{#1}}. In your MWE the correct author field would be author = {Cristopher Tavares and Kirk Fertitta and Brent Rector and Chris Sells},. – moewe Apr 12 '14 at 4:55
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    If the above does not give you the expected output, we really need to see a full proper MWE. – moewe Apr 12 '14 at 4:55
  • Sorry, the \newcommand*s in my first comment above should have been \renewcommand*s, the first redefinition should have read \renewcommand*{\mkbibnamelast}[1]{\textsc{#1}} (the second redefinition needs to be modified analogically). – moewe Apr 12 '14 at 5:27
  • Another thing: I assume "888" is the number of pages of that book, not a specific page of that book you cite (why would one add the specific page to the bibliography?). In that case pagetotal is the field you are looking for, not pages. pages is for "[o]ne or more page numbers or page ranges. If the work is published as part of another one, such as an article in a journal or a collection, this field holds the relevant page range in that other work. It may also be used to limit the reference to a specific part of a work.", while pagetotal holds "[t]he total number of pages of the work." – moewe Apr 12 '14 at 6:00
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    Better format for the author names in the bib file is Last, First: author = {Smith, Jane and Doe, John}, particularly when names can have "von" parts – Andrew Swann Apr 12 '14 at 7:16

Your author field is not properly formatted for BibTeX/biblatex.

According to Tame the BeaST, §11 The author field, p. 23:

  1. Names are separated by the keyword and: author = {Smith, Jane and Doe, John}
  2. Names must be given in one of three formats
    1. "First von Last": author = {Johann Wolfgang von Goethe},
    2. "von Last, First": author = {von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang}, or
    3. "von Last, Jr, First": author = {von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang}.

See also How should I type author names in a .bib file? and Norman Walsh's help on BibTeX names.

You should furthermore not apply any formatting to the names - except for proper capitalisation of names, of course. Do not write author = {John SMITH}, but author = {John Smith}.

Formatting of last names will be taken care of by the bibliography style you use. In biblatex that is as easy as \renewcommand*{\mkbibnamelast}[1]{\textsc{#1}} (or - if you absolutely insist on using all caps for the last name don't do it! - \renewcommand*{\mkbibnamelast}[1]{\MakeUppercase{#1}}).

All in all, your author field should read

author = {Tavares, Cristopher and Fertitta, Kirk and Rector, Brent and Sells, Chris}

Of course

author = {Cristopher Tavares and Kirk Fertitta and Brent Rector and Chris Sells}

is equally fine (and maybe slightly more convenient).

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