S himpunan. A(S)=\{f:S \to S \mid\text{f pemetaan satu-satu dan pada}\}, T\subsetneq{S}, H =\{f(t) \in{A(S)} \mid f(t) \in{T}; \forall{t \in{T}\}.

The output doesn't work and there are information "missing $ inserted"...

I dont know where is incorrect. Thank you.

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    Welcome to the TeX.SX! Could you please edit your post and make your example fully compilable (MWE) starting with \documentclass... and all way down to the \end{document}. If you type four spaces in front of a line, that line will by typeset as a source code. Your problem indicates that you are not typesetting mathematics properly, we use dollar for that, e.g. text before $my math a+b+c$ text after.
    – Malipivo
    Apr 15 '14 at 3:41

Please try this if it fits your needs.

% Run: *latex mal-first-math.tex
Some notes before mathematics. 
S himpunan. $A(S)=\{f:S \to S \mid\text{f pemetaan satu-satu dan pada}\},\ T\subsetneq{S},\ H =\{f(t) \in{A(S)} \mid f(t) \in{T}; \forall\{t \in{T}\}$. Text after mathematics.


  • I don't think the shebang line will be needed unless the user has the same set up or preference in running LaTeX.
    – dustin
    Apr 15 '14 at 4:46
  • You are right, that's just message. I should probably start deleting that exclamation mark to make it clear.
    – Malipivo
    Apr 15 '14 at 5:27

You have to enclose math in the proper environment: math formulas use special conventions and, while LaTeX knows them, it must be told when something is math.

So your input should be:

S himpunan. \(A(S)=\{f\colon S \to S \mid \text{\(f\) pemetaan satu-satu dan pada}\}\),
\(T\subsetneq{S}\), \(H =\{f(t) \in A(S) \mid f(t) \in T; \forall t \in T\}\).

Note that these are three different formulas and each one is surrounded by

\( ... \)

that mark math. In the condition defining the first set, I used “math inside \text”, which is a handier way, because TeX ignores spaces inside math mode, using its own (good) way of spacing symbols.

Note also that \in does not take an argument and the same for \forall: using less braces will clarify the meaning.

The first long textual description of a set may give paragraphing problems; in this case you can try entering and exiting from math mode

\(A(S)=\{f\colon S \to S \mid f\) pemetaan satu-satu dan pada\(\}\),

or, probably better, avoiding the set descriptor:

we denote by \(A(S)\) the set of injective functions $f\colon S\to S$

(is the translation correct?).

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