I'm using the package;

\documentclass[a4paper, twoside, 11pt]{report}
\usepackage[sorting = none, backend = bibtex]{biblatex}

to get my references. But I want to refer to multiple references so it looks like [1-5], but I get only [1,2,3,4,5].

What must I do to get the citations to look like [1-5] instead of [1,2,3,4,5]?

  • Use a style for biblatex that does that. See the section "3.3 Standard Styles" in the documentation for where that is mentioned. – pst Apr 15 '14 at 9:02

It looks like you want the style numeric-comp

\usepackage[sorting = none, backend = bibtex, style=numeric-comp]{biblatex}

We cite three sources \cite{aristotle:anima, aristotle:physics, aristotle:poetics}.
We then cite one other source \cite{worman}. 
Finally we cite all our sources, but in a different order 
\cite{worman, aristotle:anima,aristotle:poetics, aristotle:physics}



enter image description here


Unrecommended way

I used the cite package before the BibLaTeX+Biber times. I enclose an example.

% run: *latex mal-multiple-citations.tex

% Wikipedia + http://liinwww.ira.uka.de/bibliography/
 author    = "Milton {Abramowitz} and Irene A. {Stegun}",
 title     = "Handbook of Mathematical Functions with
              Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables",
 publisher = "Dover",
 year      =  1964,
 address   = "New York",
 edition   = "ninth Dover printing, tenth GPO printing"
 author    = "von Hicks, III, Michael",
 title     = "Design of a Carbon Fiber Composite Grid Structure for the GLAST
              Spacecraft Using a Novel Manufacturing Technique",
 publisher = "Stanford Press",
 year      =  2001,
 address   = "Palo Alto",
 edition   = "1st",
 isbn      = "0-69-697269-4"
 author    = "Joe Torre and Tom Verducci",
 publisher = "Doubleday",
 title     = "The Yankee Years",
 year      =  2008,
 isbn      = "0385527403"
  title =   "Using Neural Networks to Categorize Bulltin Board
  author =  "shidan",
  keywords =    "neural networks",
  scope =   "appl",
  author =  "Horne",
  title =   "On the Node Complexity of Neural Networks",
  journal = "NNETS: Neural Networks",
  volume =  "7",
  year =    "1994",

Text before. \cite{abramowitz+stegun, hicks2001, Torre2008, shidana, Horne94} Text after.


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