How do I detect whether I'm in a \footnote environment or not?


I just \def\infootnote to T or F. If you needed to branch on that basis, you could perform \if T\infootnote TRUE code\else FALSE code\fi.

\textheight 1in
Footnote status: \infootnote.  Now entering a footnote%
\footnote{The status now: \infootnote.  Done.}
Continuing with status: \infootnote.  Again.
\footnote{The status now: \infootnote.  Done.}

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Define a conditional \iffootnote and redefine \footnote so that it makes \iffootnote come out true inside its parameter, but false outside. For example:


foo\footnote{a\iffootnote yes\else no\fi}

bar \iffootnote yes\else no\fi
  • The \footnote macro defined by the LaTeX kernel also accepts an optional argument. – jub0bs Apr 15 '14 at 17:56
  • This is just the idea. – n.r. Apr 15 '14 at 17:58

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