I'm working on a presentation using the beamer class, and I have the following problem: the hyperlinks created by hyperref stop working for any slide placed after a slide that uses the \multiinclude command (i.e. any slide placed after the slide "Present approach", in the short example below).

Any ideas of what am I doing wrong?


\usepackage{lmodern}    % Use Latin Modern fonts






\subsection{Present approach}
  \frametitle{Present approach}
  \begin{block}{\centering Approach}


\section{Analytical study}

\subsection{General procedure}

  \frametitle{Analytical study}



If compiled with pdflatex (without the dvips option) the links are working as they should.

Up to date versions of pdflatex will automatically handle the conversion of the included images from eps to pdf.

Off-topic: you don't need graphicx or xcolor with beamer, as beamer already provides this functionality.

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