I'm using Biblatex with biber backend, authoryear-comp style.

Is there a quick way to remove the colon after the "In" introducing the title of an edited book (@inbook bibliography items)?

I've found the following command for suppressing the colon:


But, while this works fine with journal articles, for items in edited books a period shows up replacing the colon after the "In". I would like no punctuation at all, just "In" followed by the title of the edited work.

Here's a MWE:



author = {Adams, R. E. W.},
title = {Settlement Patterns of the Central Yucatan and Southern Campeche Regions},
booktitle = {Lowland Maya Settlement Patterns},
date = {1981},
editor = {Ashmore, Wendy},
publisher = {School of American Research and University of New Mexico Press},
location = {Albuquerque},
pages = {211--257},

author = {Blanton, Richard E.},
journal = {Annual Review of Anthropology},
number = {1},
pages = {249--264},
title = {{Anthropological Studies of Cities}},
volume = {5},
year = {1976}


Here's the output. In the first item, a chapter in an edited book, there's a period after "In". This is what I would like to get rid of. The second item, a journal article, is fine. references

  • Welcome to the TeX.SX! Could you please add a fully compilable (minimum working) example (MWE) to your post by editing it? It would help a lot to the solvers.
    – Malipivo
    Apr 18, 2014 at 17:22
  • I don't at the moment get this problem using my own test data. Could you add the relevant entries to your MWE. Do this by placing the .bib file in a \filecontents environment. Apr 18, 2014 at 17:35

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The problem you have is that you have used inbook (which assumes a bookauthor) for incollection. As a result you are getting a spurious \newunit after the (non-existent) author's names. Change to @incollection and all will be well.

To demonstrate, I have used a (not released) package I use which marks \newunitpunct with a small blue line and watches for \intitlepunct too (marked in red). As you can see, in your example there is a \newunit after the "In" and the \intitlepunct. This is where the bookauthor should be:

enter image description here

If we change to @incollection, the problem is resolved, no \newunitpunct follows the "In":

enter image description here

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