I am absolutely new to Latex, Tex and whatever more there is, so I decided to try Lyx to make my life easier (haven't had much success, though). I am also using Mendeley to manage my bibliography and export a .bib file to be read in Lyx.

The problem is, no matter what style I choose in either Lyx or Mendeley, I get a weird citation/bibliography layout.

The bibliography in the outcome PDF looks like this:

|Bokpin(2013)| Bokpin, G. a., 2013. Ownership structure, corporate governance
and bank eciency: an empirical analysis of panel data from the banking
industry in Ghana. Corporate Governance 13 (3), 274287.
URL http://www.emeraldinsight.com/10.1108/CG-05-2010-0041

What I don't want is the key to appear in the beggining, ie [Bokpin(2013)]. The second problem is that the same key appears where the citation should be in the text, for example:

According to |Bokpin(2013|, the same behaviour [...]

Where it should be something like this

According to Bokpin (2013), the same behaviour [...]

or, depending on the chosen style, like this

The same behaviour [...] (BOKPIN, 2013)

Is there a configuration I should be doing in either Lyx or Mendeley that I not doing correctly (or at all)?

I don't know what other information should be useful so you could help me, so feel free to comment below and I'll provide what is needed.



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You should use BibTeX files generated by Mendeley. Go to Tools->Options->BibTeX and select where to store your BibTeX files.

In LyX Go to: Insert->Lists->BibTeX Bibliography, click Add, and navigate to where your BibTeX file is stored.

Then again choose Insert-> Citation.

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  • This post explains the process in more details.
    – Gim
    May 22, 2015 at 14:23

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