I want to use moderncv's casual CV template with oldstyle cover letter. How can I do this?

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    – Adam Liter
    Apr 19, 2014 at 4:36

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One option is to have two documents; the first one, using the casual style, for the CV and the other one, with the oldstyle style for the cover letter. Then, if required, you can merge both into one PDF using, for example, the pdfpages package.

Another option, if you want only one document, is to copy to your document the settings used in moderncvstyleoldstyle.sty for the cover letter (the section between \makeatletter and \makeatother in my example code below); you also need to load the changepage package:


% commands for oldstyle letter
%  \setlength{\textwidthdelta}{+\marginparwidth+\marginparsep}%
%  \addtolength{\textwidthdelta}{-\marginparwidth-\marginparsep}%
%  \changepage{}{\textwidthdelta}{-\textwidthdelta}{}{}{}{}{}{}%\changepage{<textheight>}{<textwidth>}{<evensidemargin>}{<oddsidemargin>}{<columnsep>}{<topmargin>}{<headheight>}{<headsep>}{<footskip>}

  % recompute lengths (in case we are switching from letter to resume, or vice versa)
  % recipient block
  % date
  % opening
  % sender contact info
        \ifthenelse{\equal{\@addresscity}{}}{}{\makenewline\@addresscity}% if \addresstreet is defined, \addresscity and \addresscountry will always be defined but could be empty
      \collectionloop{phones}{% the key holds the phone type (=symbol command prefix), the item holds the number
        \makenewline\csname\collectionloopkey phonesymbol\endcsname\collectionloopitem}%
      \collectionloop{socials}{% the key holds the social type (=symbol command prefix), the item holds the link
        \makenewline\csname\collectionloopkey socialsymbol\endcsname\collectionloopitem}%
  % ensure no extra spacing after \makelettertitle due to a possible blank line
%  \ignorespacesafterend% not working

    {\color{color2}\itshape\enclname: \@enclosure}}}

\title{The title}
\address{street and number}{postcode city}{country}
\email{[email protected]}
\extrainfo{additional information}
\quote{Some quote}


\cventry{year--year}{Degree}{Institution}{City}{\textit{Grade}}{Description}  % arguments 3 to 6 can be left empty

\section{Master thesis}
\cvitem{description}{Short thesis abstract}

\cventry{year--year}{Job title}{Employer}{City}{}{Description line 1\newline{}Description line 2}
\cventry{year--year}{Job title}{Employer}{City}{}{Description}

\cvitemwithcomment{Language 1}{Skill level}{Comment}
\cvitemwithcomment{Language 2}{Skill level}{Comment}
\cvitemwithcomment{Language 3}{Skill level}{Comment}

%-----       letter       ---------------------------------------------------------
\recipient{Company Recruitment team}{Company, Inc.\\123 somestreet\\some city}
\date{January 01, 1984}
\opening{Dear Sir or Madam,}
\closing{Yours faithfully,}
\enclosure[Attached]{curriculum vit\ae{}}          % use an optional argument to use a string other than "Enclosure", or redefine \enclname

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