When I type "ite" in TeXnicCenter, I see the autocomplete option:


Pressing ctrl+space will activate the auto-completion. How do I add additional auto-completion options?

In particular, I would like "ali" to activate



upon pressing ctrl+space.


In your TeXnicCenter installation folder and subfolders look out for xml files, such as base.xml and math.xml. Edit these files or create your own xml file.

Some example lines for align autocompletion:

<lxEnvironment name="align"
        desc="Math environment"
        expafter="}&#xA;&#x9;&amp; \\%&#xA;\end{align}" 
        expbefore="\begin{" />

Houston has posted instructions and a customized xml file here: Missing autocompletition for \paragraph. The align example is taken from that file.

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