This is almost certainly a silly mistake somewhere. I'm essentially trying to do what is being done here. My MWE project:

$ find ./



\newcommand*{\commonDir}{../common/}%  %
\input{\commonDir{preambleCommon}}     %






\newcommand*{\mytestcmd}{Hello, from my test cmd.}

When I run latex mydoc.tex, this comes up:

! LaTeX Error: File `../common/preambleCommon.tex' not found.

But if I do ls ../common/preambleCommon.tex it shows up.


The error message of LaTeX is wrong, it should read:

! LaTeX Error: File `../common/{preambleCommon}.tex' not found.

The the error is clear: the curly braces. They are not removed as argument braces, because \commonDir does not take an argument in \input{\commonDir{preambleCommon}}.


\input{\commonDir preambleCommon}% space is automatically gobbled after command name
  • I did read the space gobbling but forgot about it ... thanks! – bbarker Apr 21 '14 at 23:47

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