I use packages: fancyhdr and caption.

I want to change font to Arial only in those two cases: 1.table/figure caption 2.page number

Also I want to change sizes to 10pt and 11pt

I know in captionsetup I can use font=small, and some similar for page number eg. fanctheader[CE]{\small \thepage} but it is not enough. And I have no idea how tho change font type.

  • Instead of using Arial, which is a not so good clone of Helvetica, use the original \usepackage{helvet} which enables \sffamily to use Helvetica.
    – user2478
    May 2, 2014 at 19:54

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If you compile with XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX, it's easy to use arial:


if you want to use arial as the default sans font. If you just want to use locally, in captions/headers/footers, you define a font switch with:


If you compile with pdfLaTeX, there is no support for arial. However there is an arial clone, named uarial, made by URW, for which there is a package (same name) which is not part of TeX Live nor MiKTeX. But you can find a ready-to-install on CTAN here. To use it, you have:

  1. unzip it at the root of a LocalTeXMF directory. If you use TeXLive, you already have one; with MiKTeX you have to create one. DO NOT unzip it in the TeXMF directory of your distribution.
  2. Refresh the filenames data base i.e. run texhash (TeX Live) or Refresh FNDB(MiKTeX) via MiKTeX Settings.
  3. Add to your home updmap.cfg this line: Map ua1.map.
  4. Run updmap from the command line.

After that, uarial is ready to be used. Ther is a uarial.sty package if you want to make it the default sans font. If not, you can define a font switch, e.g.:


Other solution: use helvetica (from which arial is inspired). There is a helvet package that is part of every distribution. For the switch in that case, the LaTeX name of the helvetica family is phv.

That being said, you have formatting commands in caption. you can say for instance:


With fancyhdryou similarly can define a new page style with:


then apply it with: \pagestyle{mystyle}.

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