Is there some specification of BibTeX fields and best practices for using them? E.g. I see people using eprint, is this specified somewhere?

E.g. bibtexml is supposed to provide schemes for BibTeX, but bibtexconverter-0.5-schema.zip schema\bibtexml-generic.rnc doesn't know about eprint.


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BibTeX very deliberately does not enforce any particular field names: fields which are recognised are dependent on the style (.bst) file in use and all others are ignored. Several fields have been used for many years (starting with the 'core' styles) and so are 'standard', for example author, title, year. Some related to electronic publication (which post-dates the initial release of BibTeX) have become standard over time, for example url, although they do not appear in the 'core' styles. However, as there is no enforcement of such things it remains down to the individual style author to define which fields are recognised/required/...

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