I would like to customize the code names of the articles I cite since AuthorDate does not work for me. I usually give specific names to every paper because I often cite up to 6 papers from same author.

The problem is that Mendeley keeps renaming the citing code words periodically (updating the .bib file). Is there a way to change this? I would like to keep the code names I personally create since i can easily remember them which makes the writing faster.



You can change the Citation Key in Mendeley to whatever you prefer. You may have to enable this view, by going to the menu->Tools->Options->Document Details, then choose the document type (for instance, Journal Article), then check the Citation Key box. Then, a field for Citation Key should be visible in the details pane on the right hand side of the window.

Alternatively, you will have to copy the .bib file to a different location and maintain it separately.

Options Box Document Pane

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  • How do I do this if I only have the webbrowser version? – Yonis Le Grand Jan 16 at 13:53

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