I was just having a bit of fun messing around with typesetting, and was able to produce a simple logo. However, it suffers from several issues that are illustrated in the MWE. I'm mainly just doing this for fun and understanding.










Can we put \begin{minipage}\BEBsigit\end{minipage} in a sentence? No.


The line does not seem to line up and scale properly:



enter image description here

The first line contains a reasonable image, but ...

1) If we zoom in on it, it looks good to a point:

enter image description here

And then the scaling seems to be off a bit: the line thickness seems to drop:

enter image description here

2) The command is not portable. When trying to include it in a sentence, very bad things happen. When trying to draw it at a smaller size (bottom line of first image), the lines are also a bit off in alignment.

3) There was a lot of trial and error coming up with scale and space numbers, which, while not a show stopper in itself, is a bit of extra work. So if this can be avoided somehow, it may be beneficial.

4) If I use a minipage, i.e. \begin{minipage}\BEBsigit\end{minipage}, why does there seem to be an extra (albeit badly drawn) logo and some other funny business?

What are some reasonable ways to avoid such problems?

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    \begin{minipage} takes the width of the minipage as an argument like that: \begin{minipage}{1in} – Stephan Lehmke Apr 29 '14 at 11:49

you have a lot of whitespace (trailing spaces) in your definitions. However, write first the BEB into a box to get the correct width and height:


  \savebox\BEBbox{\textit{B\kern-0.30em E\kern-0.26em B}}%





enter image description here

It depends to the magnification of the PDF-viewer if the lines are set properly. The printed output should be okay.

  • Thanks, lots of helpful info and examples. Also I saw you have a book on making tables - I will check it out! – bbarker Apr 27 '14 at 20:54

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