I am trying to sort out the citation and bibliography for a paper, and make it conform with the style-sheet from my university, which is a version of the Chicago style.

There are chicago-styles available both to Natbib and Biblatex, but I can't get any of the do do what I want: Display only last name on "in-text" citation (unless there are many different authors with same last name), and then the full name in my bibliography.

Here's a MWE:

\documentclass[a4 paper,12pt]{report}






  title = {Survey of English Dialects},
  publisher = {Leeds: Arnold},
  year = {1962},
  author = {Orton, Harold},
  volume = {IV},
  date-added = {2014-04-20 12:50:04 +0000},
  date-modified = {2014-04-24 18:41:22 +0000}


This is a quote \citep{orton} .  And then the second quote by the same person     \citep{orton}


As you can see if you try to run this, the in-text citation provides the full name like this (Orton, Harold 1962), while I simply want (Orton 1962). The bibliography looks fine.



Your MWE give me this for the in-text citation :

This is a quote (Orton 1962) . And then the second quote by the same person (Orton 1962)

And in bibliography :

Orton, Harold. 1962. Survey of English Dialects. Vol. IV. Leeds: Arnold.

Which is what you want, correct ? If this MWE give you the bad citation style, you probably should verify that you run the latest version of latex and its components (How do I update my TeX distribution?).

If the MWE is working, you have to check your complete bib file and your other (and more complete) code. The issue is probably located in one of those files.

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