I use \setlength{\parskip}{\baselineskip} and it is great. But I want to disable it just for the \tableofcontents. Is it possible?


I think the more general idea here is that you have a length that is set in the preamble, but want it to be different for a specific part of your document.

For this, store the length before setting it using something like

\setlength{\storeparskip}{\parskip}% Store \parskip
\setlength{\parskip}{\baselineskip}% Set \parskip

Then, where you need the adjusted \parskip to be restored, use

\setlength{\parskip}{\storeparskip}% Restore \parskip within this scope

The scoping (via an explicit \begingroup...\endgroup pair, or using {...}) will restore the lengths to their pre-scope values.

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