I would like to be able to specify a list that will create categories and add entries to them.

I am using pgffor for specifying the category name and the heading title in a convenient way. The categories I am using in this example is arbitrary, but the use of a field value and categories in general is not.





\foreach \catg/\head in {phdthesis/PhD. Thesis,article/Articles}{%


    not test {\iffieldundef{type}}
    test {\xifinlist{\thefield{type}}{\bibcats}}
        test {\ifnumgreater{\thefield{year}}{2000}}
        test {\xifinlist{\thefield{entrytype}}{\bibcats}}






The above works except for setting the headings and throws the error Package biblatex Error: Heading <phdthesis/article> could not be found. resulting in:

foreach loop result

Desired Result

The result I hope to achieve works by replacing the foreach loop with

\addcat{phdthesis}{PhD. Thesis}


no foreach loop


I would like to have the creation of categories depend on a list. Given that the non-foreach loop method works, I suspect the problem mainly comes from expansion problems.

  • How do I create categories and corresponding headings based on lists?
  • Why does the way I have tried to deal with expansion not work?

I think the problem is that your \defbibheading is getting executed in a group so that the command that is defined there (with \newcommand) is not available when you need it.

Stealing code for a global renewcommand from egreg's answer on defining such a command, we redefine the internal workings of biblatex's \defbibheading to make use of such a global redefinition:

  \kernel@ifnextchar [{\@gxargdef#1[#2]}%


Now all works as expected. I don't know whether there is a different way to avoid your loop executing inside a group and hiding the redefinition.

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  • Interesting, if I understand correctly, it has to do with the way \foreach from pgffor works in combination with \defbibheading from biblatex. A slightly modified version using a \docsvloop from etoolbox does not cause an issue without using the \gnewcommand. – Alex Grede Apr 29 '14 at 10:42
  • 1
    That's very possible. Sounds like \foreach must run inside a group, or something like that. I tend to use etoolbox anyway, since biblatex loades it, and that sounds like a better option; perhaps you might put that as an answer. Your code was essentially perfect! – Paul Stanley Apr 29 '14 at 10:46
  • Thanks, my etoolbox solution was very hacked together quickly. I don't think I will find the elegant way I was hoping for, for this specific case :) – Alex Grede Apr 29 '14 at 10:53

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