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I am writing a maths paper where I have a lot of constants. I am indexing them to differenciate them. Basically my text looks like

blabla $c_1$ blablabla $c_2$ blabla $c_3$ blabla $c_1$ blabla $c_4$ blabla $c_5$ ...

I would like to have a commande, let say "\constant" such that each time I call it prints $c_i$ where $i$ is an increasing index. Also I would like to be able to use labels, like in my example above where $c_1$ appears more then one time.

Any idea of a good way to do it?

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This is one idea:

 {% #1 = number (optional)
    blabla \constant{} blablabla \constant{} blabla \constant{} blabla \constant[1] blabla \constant{} blabla \constant{}

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If you want a specific constant say c_3, then use \constant[3]

  • Great that works fine. Just a remark. One can write: blabla \constant{} blablabla \constant{}\label{const:2} blabla \constant{} blabla \constant[\ref{const:2}] blabla \constant{} blabla \constant{} – Gilles Bonnet Apr 30 '14 at 11:29

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