I have a problem getting the - and = characters between single quotations.

`-' and `=' both produces -' in the generated pdf. If I put an alphabetical character between ` and ' it works as expected. I guess - and = are special characters.

How do I treat them?








Hello TeX! This is how I try to add single quotation marks before and after the characters `-' and `='.

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    Please note that t1enc and times are obsolete. Rather use \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} and, for Times, \usepackage{mathptmx} or `\usepackage{newtxtext,newtxmath}). – egreg May 1 '14 at 13:39
  • some "duplicate" packages here: amssymb loads amsfonts, so no need to have them both. also, mathtools loads amsmath. and the usual recommendation is that hyperref should be loaded last; for this, you should check specific package recommendations, because there are some exceptions. – barbara beeton May 1 '14 at 14:00

The file magyar.ldf defines ` as a shorthand prefix; in particular, from what I have been able to understand from the code,


gives an “intelligent en-dash”; when `- appears, it just produces a hyphen. Conversely, `= is a hyphen for composite words, allowing hyphenation in the word part following the hyphen.

If you want a single opening quote, just type `{}





Hello TeX! This is how I try to add single quotation marks
before and after the characters `{}-' and `{}='.


\verb|$a-b$|: $a-b$

\verb|$a`--b$|: $a`--b$

\verb|a-b|: a-b

\verb|a`-b|: a`-b

\verb|a`--b|: a`--b

Unfortunately, the language definition file is rather poorly documented. In the sense that I couldn't find any documentation for it.

enter image description here


Tried csquotes? It has commands like:

  1. \textquoteleft
  2. and \textquoteright

And an MWE:



\newcommand\singlequote[1]{\textquoteleft #1\textquoteright~}


\singlequote{=} some text here. \\
\singlequote{-} more text here.

  • Thanks, works nicely. I have text right after the quotation, but no spaces were added after the \textquoteright command. I added ~ after it to force a space. – VSZM May 1 '14 at 12:48
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    I've edited my post slightly so you can use a macro instead of typing it all out every single time. – 1010011010 May 1 '14 at 12:56
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    Having loaded csquotes this way you can just write \enquote*{=} etc. – Andrew Swann May 1 '14 at 13:18

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