I am using Macvim together with Vim-Latex suite. On the Vim Latex webpage they list Environment macros as follows:

ELI (,li)------------- list
EDE (,de)------------- description

etc. What does (for example) ,li mean in this context?. How do I use this key combination to put a list in my .tex file. I am assuming ,li means hit the local leader key and then hit li in normal mode. But I have remapped the leader key in vim to ,.

Can anybody shed some light on this?

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The ,li is the list of three keys that will work in visual mode (e.g., you have some text selected). For example pressing ,li will surround selected text with \begin{list} \end{list}. I think leader is independent of that. The details can be found in section of the Latex-Suite manual.

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    This clears it up. I thought it was to be used in the normal mode. Explains why it didn't work :).
    – user25665
    May 4, 2014 at 7:10

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