When I write a document in Arabic it behaves differently than in English when it comes to highlighting words misspelled. Consider the screenshot below:

  1. Arabic comma right after the target word, though correctly spelled, was red underlined
  2. Arabic comma one space after the target word, though output not accepted, was correct
  3. English comma right after the target word, was correct
  4. When no comma, everything is fine
  5. When the target word was misspelled, was red underlined as expected

Obviously, the first case is a bug that needs to be fixed, meaning that every occurrence followed by an Arabic comma would usually invoke a misspelling error and highlighting which is rather problematic.
It seems to be that the editor does not regard the Arabic comma ،(pointing upwards usually) as an English comma, but as a part of the preceding word, which leads to all this mess.

Is there any fix for that?

TeXstudio 2.7.0 (hg 4307+:7e7903c73aac+)

A ticket was opened in TexStudio to fix this bug:
#702 Spellchecking in Arabic does not regard the Arabic comma as a comma

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هنا كتابة النص باللغة العربية، للتأكد من الاملاء باللغة العربية

enter image description here

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